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I want to completely remove the cache memory.


When i write your api address, there is no problem. but i write my api address, the app says “no network”

No log. It says no network error.

回复#1 @大丈夫大丈夫 :

I do not want to affect the order of answers given.

回复#9 @lincanbin :

web server Nginx

Is it a very difficult process? Which files should I interfere with? :(

When a thread is opened / 332364, I want it to be topic.html. How do I do that.

the code looks like the following. I have translated into Turkish, but where can I change this?

<html x

How do I create a site map?

How do I reduce the cache time?

I set up on the admin panel. However, android studio also gives network error error.

I forgot my password on mobile

How do I change the topic order?


Banned users can send private messages to other users. How can I prevent this?

Hello there,

How can I edit the URL structure?

Is it possible to change the colors of the theme?



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